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Challenge Update! Moar Dota 2!



Hey guys,

We have good news!

Due to the amount of interest and registrations for the Gigabyte Dota 2 Challenge, we will be increasing the registration count.

However, this will impact the tournament structure. So let me give you guys a quick explanation of how things will run.


We invited 8 teams. These 8 invited teams will go through to Round 2 Automatically.

Round 2 starts the 21st September.


16 other teams will fight it out for the remaining 8 spots. The weekend of the 19th-20th

4 groups of 4
Round Robin.
Top 2 in each group makes the second round

Call it the qualifiers for the Gigabyte Dota 2 Challenge.

That means 24 total teams will take part in this competition. For a total of $2000 in cash.

See you guys there!


Invited Teams that go through to the Gigabyte Dota 2 Challenge Main Online tournament. 21st – 27th September

    1. Bravado.Emotion
    2. Energy.Evolution-
    3. Carbon
    4. IFG.Tilt –
    5. NewB –
    6. DUC
    7. 7. Ventus.Pro
    8. Veneration Esports

Registered for Qualifiers 19th – 20th September.
Online Qualifiers will be split into 4 Groups of 4 teams.
Each Group will play a Round Robin format. And the top 2 in each group advances to the Main event.

In no particular Order

  1. BZK Pirates
  2. HIVE|Enticy
  3. Corrupt Dragons
  4. ErA | Demons
  5. Sky Gaming Evolution
  6. Underwater Squad
  7. mmK
  8. ReadyForBattle
  9. Reversal eSports FOJ
  10. TERA|Unity
  11. Cold Clutch Gaming
  12. Against All Odds
  13. Mad Hatters
  14. Fruities
  15. | ALG | Doom Guard
  16. Gods Hammer


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