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CS:GO Ruleset

Match Format


All matches consist of three maps. The team who wins the majority of the three maps win the match.


A draw is still possible in a number of ways. For instance, if both teams/players win a map each, and then draw the third map. Overtime must not be played in any of the games.  (overtime will be used in the playoffs)


A map consists of 30 rounds. 15 rounds per half. The match is won when one team holds the majority of the rounds attainable (16). A map draw occurs when each team holds half of the attainable rounds (15 rounds each).


Round difference will not be used to break ties.



Map Pool












Map Elimination


Teams must join a server and perform a knife round on the map de_dust2. The winning team of the knife round will have the choice to veto the first map or chose sides on the first map. If the knife winner selects to veto the first map, they become team A in the example below.



Map VETO order


Team A Removes a map

Team B Removes a map

Team A Picks the first map

Team B Picks the second map

Team A Removes a map

Team B Removes a map

The remaining map is played third

Once the first map has been played the teams must perform another knife round on each subsequent map to determine which side to start as.


Weapons and Equipment Bans


All weapons, grendes and equipment are allowed except for the Zeus.


Grenade limitations & purchases per player


Flashbang: 2

HE Grenade: 1

Smoke Grenade: 1

Molotov and Incendiary Grenade: 1

Decoy Grenade: 1

Total grenades per player purchased per round: 4

Players may use grenades which have been dropped by dead players.





Unfair Advantages


The only settings players may changes are those within the in-game menu. Exceptions will be made for:








Crosshair Sizing

Left/Right hand gun changing



No third party (such as graphic driver) graphic settings may be changed which could give a player an unfair advantage. Settings which influence the transparency of smoke are strictly not allowed.

No binds or macro’s which automate any form of gameplay are allowed.

The bomb can only be defused if the entire bomb is visible.

The bomb must not be planted in a position which requires more than one player to reach.

The bomb must not be planted in a position which requires a special type of jump (such as a strafe jump) to reach.

Tournament Admins reserves the right to overturn three rounds if a team is found to have made use of an unfair map or game mechanic (such as an exploit) to prevent their opponents from defusing the bomb. A good example would be planting the bomb in the pond on Inferno in Counter-Strike Source, where a bug prevented it from being defused.


Pausing the Game


Pause may only be used at the start of a round during freeze time. Before a game is unpaused, the opposing team must be notified and given time to prepare.


To pause a game players must bring down their console and type “cmd pause” and then press enter. The same is done to unpause the game.


Teams are allowed ONE pause per match, which can only be used in the event of a disconnection.


Please be considerate once a game is paused. Teams are allowed a maximum of 15 minutes to sort out their issue before the match must be resumed.

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