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[Dota 2] Energy vs Aperture Gaming


ūüôĀ Now I have to write stuff too!? I really need to send in a complaint sometime to these nAvTV slave drivers… I mean, whilst¬†Profeci is cavorting with some “German-South-African-sometimes-I-cast-sometimes-I-don’t-pretty-sure-he-would-assassinate-me-if-he-knew-he-could-get-away-with-it-Puzacast” instead of helping me who, by the way, has a far superior beard to Lord Roshford kekeke, I spend hours trying to find an analyst just to end up with Truck who slams me during the cast… Can you believe it? I mean, I’d like to say something mean about him, but have you met the man? He is possibly the single most likable¬†individual on the planet… I really hate him… but I also don’t… It’s all a very confusing ball of emotions.

A generic picture of a Death Prophet.

A generic picture of a Death Prophet.

To complete my rampage of name dropping, I think I will write this entire article without paragraphs so Beetle’s eyes bleed. He will probably fix it for you readers, if he does not, sorry¬†–¬†sacrifices had to be made. Also Beetle, I don’t suppose you would be so kind as to put some pretty pictures in here so that our esteemed website guests have something to keep them interested, maybe a cat and a dog being friends, I ¬†hear people like that.¬†Also: something to do with Dota, but not one of those cheesy wallpapers that everyone uses, but like… I don’t know, something relevant.

Speaking of which, there was a Dota game on last night. I hope this is time stamped or this may end up being very confusing at some point. The game was between one of our classic teams, Energy eSports, and up-and-comers Aperture Gaming, cast by yours truly and Truck (sorry Hari had internet problems so we had to settle; HAHA, REVENGE and more name drops!)

Dota stuff starts here…

Anyways, kudo’s to you if you have made it this far after reading my glorious rant. APG have been looking pretty good as of late, they certainly have some classy names in their line-up with the likes of Adastam¬†bolstering their talent, but RDK and friends also have some pretty scary players on their books.

In game one, Ugh Devin try remember the heroes, the line up looks a little something like this.



APG | En

Wraith King
Earth Spirit

Death Prophet
Templar Assasin

Vengeful Spirit

In game one Energy started off strong, although quietly. Their lanes simply seemed to function more effectively and after Adastam decided to make the most farm possible from his lane, he started farming fast and transitioning into the jungle; however this gave the Mikasa batrider a lot of time to operate. He moved from his own jungle to the lane quite freely and ended up completing a pretty fast blink dagger and tranquil boots – after which he definitely made his presence felt.

RDK was pretty happy in his safe lane (Dark Seer is never easy to deal with) but he did manage to find some decent farm and a fair timing on his Hand of Midas. The eN supports also found a good deal of space and managed to place a lot of pressure on ACG, who simply did not look too comfortable on his Death Prophet mid. This certainly helped out the Energy Templar Assassin who found himself with some fairly powerful items early on.

From this point, it became Energy Land (not to be confused with Energy Hill, we will get to that later) Only APG’s Sven found much space on the map and admittedly made the most of it, however opted for a S&Y build, over what may have been a more useful blink dagger setup.

Energy secured their first set of rax with little difficulty and picked up a nice little aegis to help their cause, at this point, I think both Truck and I expected an imminent end to what had been a somewhat sloppy APG performance, enter the cornered beast that APG can be.

ACG standing in the front lines with his Death Prophet seemed like an easy opening for En, but a well timed Netherswap made things a little different… A very well executed vacuum into storm bolt followed, and all the lives in the world weren’t going to save Energy.

Ultimately though, it was a last stand from APG that followed, but Energy were simply too good on the night and managed to wrap things up not too long after. Sloppy, but entertaining game.

In game two, APG seemed a lot more composed and things started looking a bit better.

APG | En

Vengeful Spirit
Lone Druid


Chaos Knight
Earth Spirit

Lone Druid found himself under a lot of pressure against the APG setup, really struggling for a long time to find his stride, whilst weaver picked up a well timed linkens, and the APG support made some good rotations around the map.

ACG looked like a completely different player on his Tinker, far more comfortable, if I had not been paying attention, I would have sworn it was someone different entirely, getting an early lead in mid and with the aid of his supports, even finding a few kills.

Towards the bottom lane, Batrider found himself in business with a few close calls, but ultimately finding a good timing on his own blink and tranquil boots setting things up nicely for APG, who were dominant in the first portions of the match.

Relevant: A cat and a dog being friends.

Relevant: A cat and a dog being friends.

Much like any good Dota game though, it was not a one sided affair, and the legion that was the RDK Chaos Knight started looking ever more menacing as the game progressed. After some comical moments around the Rosh pit, RDK finding himself in all sorts of awkard positions, they decided to claim the hill, you know the ward spire just outside of Roshan, it was theirs now, but if you really want to see it unfold, because some stories are better when you see them, here’s a handy link :3¬†http://www.twitch.tv/navgamingtv/v/49113225 (you may want to skip to about 2hrs 04 mins in for the relevant info – it goes on for a while after)

Ultimately, RDK’s Chaos Knight hurt too much, making eventual quick work of the APG lineup, giving Energy a solid 2-0 win in this match-up.

Ah yes, Dota.

Oh yeah also shoutout to BurningRed for his guest appearance :3

Right, I am out of here – Beetle don’t forget the happy cat and dog picture to reward these folks for reading this.


HellbirD is one of South Africa's most humble, respected and loved Dota 2 casters as is testament to his winning of the Lazy Gamer Best Caster in 2015.

He hails from Cape Town and is currently engaged in a fierce beard-off with Lord Roshford, another nAvTV Dota 2 caster.

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