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Expectations vs Reality for the Gamer’s Fest CS:GO


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share with you some of our production thoughts and realities from the Gamer’s Fest Competition over the last weeekend.


Our Expectation was for a minimum of 1 month prior PR release which in reality was only done 2 weeks prior to the event. Our expectation of teams attending was at most 50% which was achieved by having 9 teams out of the 16 teams. This definitely put strain on the attendance of teams and general gamers at the event.

How we will resolve this: PR releases need to be done 2 months prior to event to allocate enough time for teams to prepare and attend.


Tournament Structure

Expectation: 4 groups of four that was best of 3 round robin.
This effectively gave us 3 rounds being played during the Saturday with the start of the Single Elimination (8 teams Quarter Finals) on Saturday Evening.

Reality: Only 9 teams registered and attended and the structure of the tournament was changed to Double Elimination best of 3 games and a best of 5 final. This was requested and decided by all the captains on Saturday morning.

How we will resolve this: With the attendance of more teams (early PR release), this can resolve the issue by keeping to the planned tournament structure.


Server Specification

Expectation : Servers provided had VAR max values of 0.001

Reality: Servers provided had VAR max Values of 0.0031

How we will resolve this: Increased System specs from i7 to Xeon Processors.


Stream Production

Expectation: Analyst Desk and casters integrated with production team and communication. Sound correctly configured. Video Overlays correctly done as per spec.

Reality: Analyst Desk and casters integrated with production team and communication was done as expected, sound configuration had minor issues being in stereo having the left and right affect on the stream and Sound levels weren’t correctly configured, this was due to Sound equipment ports blowing during setup. Overlays and adverts were done as per spec.

How we will resolve this: Sound configuration to be redesigned and tested with engineer team. Backup Critical gear to be procured in event of failure.


Other Elements:

Event Network breakout connection was correct and worked at 4gbps, redundant links have been suggested to the provider for next event.
Configuration of Local LAN network will need to be redesigned as per new specification requirements.

Richard Ferreira

Richard is a 31 year old gamer from Cape Town with a chip on his shoulder and a worsening cynicism problem. He plays games (badly), drums (badly) and writes English good.

He also hosts the nAvTV podcast and this here website is his domain.

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