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[First Impressions] Doom Open Beta


We played the Doom closed beta, and now we’ve played the Doom open beta – and we have opinions.

The Open Beta is a multiplayer only beta and ran over the last weekend. It featured two maps, two game modes, a handful of guns and some minor skin customisations – not everything is included of course but that’s OK – it was a big improvement over the closed beta, and I spent a good few hours playing it this past weekend. I’m not going to go into huge detail on the game modes or maps, since these are secondary to what we all wanted to know – is this the new Quake/Call of Duty/Halo/Generic FPS game?

Well, yes and no.

Eat it up AMD fanboys... My Aorus X7 did as was warned and stuttered through the intro the first time.

Eat it up AMD fanboys… My Aorus X7 did as was warned and stuttered through the intro the first time.

It’s a glorious game – it’s fast, colourful and downright FUN as a muliplayer experience. It was however, completely not what I expected. I was expecting Quake-like gameplay and what I got was the product of putting all of the big FPS multiplayer modes into a blender, and reconsituting the resulting sludge into a new game – Doom. Now, this isn’t a bad thing at all.

See, we’ve got a leveling-up system like you’d expect in Call of Duty, where you need to level your profile to get access to better guns, hacking modules and the likes, but it’s also not bad enough that you can’t compete without levelling, which happens (at least in the beta) at a relatively quick pace. I was able to create custom loadouts after just two games, and quickly opted for the SMG and static rifle, which I replaced with the Vortex rifle once I unlocked it after about a dozen games. The weapons do take some getting used to and learning when and when not to use the mod fire modes of each gun is critical to your success.

Now let’s talk a bit about the graphics. It’s time for that talk.

Taking screenshots with my phone's camera like a real professional. My customised player model.

Taking screenshots with my phone’s camera like a real professional. My customized player model.

Many people online commented on how they look a bit dated and not like that of a AAA title being released in 2016, but I must be honest – I find it hard to agree. The graphics are pretty much exactly what you need from this game. The levels are dark, atmospheric and gloomy and the weapons and pickups are full of bright glowing colours and details. And even on my modest SLI GTX860M graphics cards, it ran wonderfully. Couple this with the fact that there were also pretty much zero customization options in the beta client, so you really don’t know just how good or bad the graphics will be until the main game launches.

This expectation and need for ridiculously good looking graphics often in my opinion goes too far – we should really be looking for appropriate graphics rather than lifelike graphics. Just enjoy the gameplay and forget about the graphics – which in Doom are absolutely fine.

Speaking of gameplay, expect fast, action packed multiplayer games with much exploding of rockets and delivering of bullets at your face. The actual gameplay itself is more akin to Quake or Halo than any other – it’s the pace that is so refreshing when compared to the likes of Counterstrike or even Battlefield.

There isn’t much more to be said about the Open Beta – it’s short, limited and amazing. We haven’t even seen the single player campaign yet, which could be argued is the real reason many of us will be interested in Doom.

I can’t wait to #FightLikeHell on the 13 May! 😀

PS: Thanks to this guy for convincing Bethesda for giving us an open beta.





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