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Help – Creating or Joining a Team


Before you can register for nAvTV tournaments, you must create a team and your team members must join your team.
The system will check to see if you have 5 players on your team before it will allow you to register for a tournament.

Let’s take a quick walk through this process.

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Creating a Team

If you are the team captain and you are creating a team:

01. Register an account on the nAvTV website.
We recommend using the Facebook Login feature, but you can create a local account if you prefer.

Either click the ‘Login with Facebook’ button, or click register and complete the form.
You’ll need to confirm your account by email before you can login.

Once you have confirmed your account, login.
You will now see the user information panel:

02. To create a team, click the 3rd button here – the crosshairs.
Your new team page will be created.

03. There are now a couple of things you’ll want to do:
To edit a block, hover over it and click on the pencil icon.

  • Click “Clan Name” and change the name of the team to your team name.
  • Edit the Information in the information panel and about us sections.
  • Edit the “Games” black, add the game your team is registering for by adding a checkmark next to it.
  • If you want to, you can add a profile image and header image and/or further customise the team page.


04. Once you are done, make sure you click “Publish” at the top right of the screen.
If you don’t do this, your changes will be lost!


Your team is now ready to accept new members!

Joining A Team

If you are a player and want to join a team:

01. Register for the nAvTV website as above.
Once again, We recommend using the Facebook Login feature, but you can create a local account if you prefer.

02. Hover over the “Teams” option on the menu and select “All Teams”.

03. Find your team in the list and click on it to go to your team page.
Once on the team page, click the “Request to Join” button to request membership of that team.


Now you should alert your captain / team administrator that they should accept your request.

Accepting, Removing and Promoting a Player

If you are a captain and want to accept join requests:

01. Navigate to your team page by going to the “Teams” menu and clicking “All Teams”, then find your team and click it.

02. Click the “Members” tab.

03. From here, a list of current and pending members will be displayed.
To accept a member, hover over their name and click the green checkmark.
Similarly, to reject them, click the red cross.


04. To promote a team member to admin (captain mode), hover over their name and click “Make Administrator”.
To remove someone from your team, click “Remove user”.


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