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Help – Game Scheduling


Once a tournament starts, you will need to play your games.
You can do this by scheduling your games with your opponent in our Game Scheduling forum.

Let’s take a quick walk through this process.

01. Register and/or login to the nAvTV website.
Please note: We recommend your team administrator schedule your games for you.
If any dispute is ever logged about game scheduling, we will use this forum to make our final decision, so we recommend scheduling and/or confirming your games here.

02. Navigate to “Tournaments” and click “Game Scheduling”.


03. Find the “Create New Topic” block towards the bottom of the page.
Before you create a new topic, make sure your opponent hasn’t already created one for your game!


04. Type a new topic in the following format:

  • Topic: [Tournament Name] Team1 vs Team 2 Round X
  • In the body, suggest a time or request your opponent suggest a time.
  • Click the Submit button to post the request.


05. Your topic will be posted.


You will also see it in the list view of the main forum:


06. Now wait for your opponents to reply and use the forum to schedule your game.
We recommend subscribing to the topic so you receive an email if it gets replies.
Do this by clicking the subscribe button to the top right of the topic.



That’s all you need to do to schedule a game!

If you have any issues with game scheduling or missed games, please open a new topic on our Support forum.

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