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Help – Reporting Scores


During unmanaged parts of the tournaments, you will need to report your game results.
You can do this by using our results reporting system.

Let’s take a quick walk through this process.

01. Register and/or login to the nAvTV website.
Please note you must be a team administrator to report game results. If you aren’t, please ask your team admin to do the report.

02. Navigate to “Tournaments” and click “Report Your Results”.


03. Select the tournament you are reporting results for.


04. Select the team you are reporting results for.


05. Enter the scores.
Winning team’s score in the first dropdown, losing team in the second.
The system will verify that the scores are valid and load the games that you are playing that are waiting for a result.


06. Click the winning team to report their victory.


07. You will receive a confirmation that the results have been recorded.



That’s all you need to do to report your game results to us!


If you have any issues with reporting a score or disputes, please open a new topic on our Support forum.

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