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Heroes of the Storm at rAge!


UPDATE: http://navtv.co.za/heroes-of-the-storm-at-rage-update/

Hey guys.

Its closing in on that time of the year again. RAGE Expo.

This year we have a surprise for you. As many of you might have already heard. Rectron will be hosting a Heroes of the Storm Tournament at RAGE itself.


Energy has recently announced their official Heroes of the Storm Team, which includes some big names in the SA Dota 2 scene.
The roster is as follows:
Sakkie ‘RandomHero’ Basson (Captain)
Dylan ‘Shanks’ Probyn
Justin ‘LETSGETPARTY’ Probyn
Peter ‘Fancy’ Long How
Chris “Truck’ Austin

Here is a quote from two of the eN players
RandomHero – el Capitan
We’re excited to see HotS finally being picked up in SA and I know that this tournament will be a great boost to the competitive scene. The scene is picking up fast with bravado and Ventus joining the show as well and other names looking for teams as well. So far there will definitely be good competition and games to watch, I know Bravado are putting in an obscene amount of time practicing, so looking forward to face them in the tournament and have some rivalry action.

Already the eN and BVD teams are going at each other and I know other teams are hard at work on the practice field getting ready for the fight. For the casual viewers there’s going to be all your favorite Blizzard heros in the game. I know we’re playing the whole final “pantless” if we make it and LGP has a few poems in the works for the fans/fan to be read pre-game.

We will be keeping Truck to those promises and will get LGP to read his poems on Stream. #AMPED

With the move of some of the best Dota players in SA will we see more teams participating, playing or moving over to HOTS?

However seeing that this game is still new, it really is an open competition. And we are looking forward to close competition across the board.

RidditZ and HellbirD from nAvTV will be bringing you all the action every small step, leap bound of the tournament.

The online qualifiers will start shortly, and the top 8 teams go through to the Main event which will be held at Rage itself.

Tournament Rules

The Tournament Format will be BO3 (Best of 3) double elimination. Which means even if you lose once, you will have a second chance to make it through.
Each player will be required to own 10 heroes to be eligible as a player in this tournament.
If you need help, buy the starter pack:

The prize pool for this tournament is a massive R60 000.
1st – R30 000
2nd – R20 000
3rd – R10 000

So get your friends together, practice, get your team registered, and GLHF.

To register please follow the following link. Registrations will close soon, so get registered and PWN.

SPECIAL thanks to Rectron for this amazing tournament.

Richard Ferreira

Richard is a 31 year old gamer from Cape Town with a chip on his shoulder and a worsening cynicism problem. He plays games (badly), drums (badly) and writes English good.

He also hosts the nAvTV podcast and this here website is his domain.

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    DeWet Lombard-Bovéy Reply
    Aug 25, 2015 @ 12:22 pm

    Cant wait!!!

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      RidditZisanamal Reply
      Aug 25, 2015 @ 12:30 pm

      Energy evolution

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        DeWet Lombard-Bovéy Reply
        Aug 25, 2015 @ 12:51 pm


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        DeWet Lombard-Bovéy Reply
        Aug 25, 2015 @ 13:37 pm

        will get that fixed now., hehe sorry

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    CrAiGiSh Reply
    Aug 25, 2015 @ 13:42 pm

    Gonna be an epic event 😀

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    GiGGa Reply
    Aug 25, 2015 @ 15:25 pm

    All this talk about energy… White Rabbit Gaming is coming ^_^

    • img
      DeWet Lombard-Bovéy Reply
      Aug 26, 2015 @ 19:11 pm

      We will be reaching out to other teams to get their viewpoint of HoTS @ Rage.
      MOAR articles *coming soon* haha

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