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Interview with Jean “B0n3®” Fick from Veneration E-Sports


Veneration esports

After only 2 legs after making the move over from Call of Duty, the VnR CS:GO teams have been on the up for the last couple of months. We decided to catch up with the team’s captain Jean “B0n3®” Fick to talk about how their first year of CS:GO in the Telkom DoGaming League has been going:

Fred: How did your team form? I heard that you are actually a bunch of ex Call Of Duty players?

Jean: After realising CoD is going nowhere on the PC platform, we decided to get into Counter-Strike. After the Summer Leg I had to make some changes and then again in the Winter Leg, making us the team we are today, consisting of 3 ex CoD players.

F: Your team have really been on the up this last couple of months, you finished mid-table in the Open Division, winning 3 of 7 games, during the summer leg earlier this year, and managed to win 6 of 7 games in the winter leg. What changed between these legs, or who did you change?

J: Summer leg was a tough leg for us, we managed to end 4th which wasn’t really satisfactory, but taking into consideration how young we were to the game, it probably wasn’t all that bad. That’s when I had to make my 1st change to the team, bringing DemonicZA into the fold, Sonic then joined us mid Winter leg, and we’ve been building as a team ever since.

F: Give us a small breakdown of your CS:GO team this year, where you started, where you are now.

J: We started as the 5 CoD players; me (B0n3®), Doggie, Overfiend, Bunny and Tsar, all premier division CoD players. I then replaced Tsar with Demonic and Bunny with Sonic. It wasn’t easy choices to make considering we’ve known each other for some time, but looking ahead to what I wanted to achieve with the team, it was necessary.

F: You guys qualified to play at the DoGaming Championships in 1 weeks’ time. You guys excited?

J: Yeah, so excited! Obviously we’ve been there before for CoD, well 3 of us, but this year, making it there in 2 legs, I didn’t expect it when I started the team this year.

F: Now, let’s get into the burning issue that everyone wants to know. Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek: Is he legit?

J: I’ve been captaining my CoD team since Modern Warfare 2 in 2009, so I’ll take it as a compliment, I’d like to think that I have an eye for skill, we had a similar issue with a COD player called Shox last year, he showed up at DGC and played for another team, all legit. The team with exception to Demonic have attended a few private LAN’s and boot camps and I can assure everyone he is legit. If I had to worry about a player on LAN’s performance it’ll be Demonic, it’s his first time attending DGC, and we know how the pressure could get to you, a map or two and he should be fine though, so expect our full potential.

F: There’s been quite a lot of speculation that Sonic won’t be attending DGC. Can you confirm that he will in fact be attending? (I see that he is on your team sheet in your DGC roster)

J: Hahaha, rumours, he most definitely will be attending.

F: Pretty much the whole CS:GO community has been having a go at your team, especially regarding Sonic, stating that you guys aren’t legit and that you guys are suspicious. Your thoughts on that?

J: Well, to be quite honest I love it, I’m enjoying the fact that an ex CoD team gives some of the CS okes a run for their money and they can’t handle it, we’ll prove them wrong at DGC. The more they think of us as suspicious, the less they’ll focus on proper strats, giving us just more of an advantage, plus if we can get them to lose their cool in game because they don’t understand how we get kills, then we’re enjoying the victory just so much more.

F: There’s been a lot of comments during your DC gaming in the Aim HQ First Blood CS:GO competition that some of the top tier teams should perhaps issue a public apology if it is found that you guys / Sonic is legit and does in fact not use macros to crouch & fire or aim assist, wallhacks etc. What do you think about that?

J: Hahaha, funny thing is I actually brought that up, but yes, I do expect an apology from the players accusing us. After all you want your team or organisation to be as professional as possible, not only is it damaging to our sponsors but also their own once we prove ourselves.

The VnR CS:GO team attending the DGC:

  • Jean “B0n3®” Fick
  • Danny “OverFiend” Niemandt
  • Jandre “DemonicZA” Blignaut
  • Adrian “Doggie” Botha
  • Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek

VnR teams attending the DGC:

  • VnR – Aequitas (CS:GO)
  • VnR – Synergy (Dota 2)
  • VnR – Ax1s (COD Ghosts)

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