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Interview with Stephen “Lang-Slang” de Witt from xTc


After finishing 2nd in the Premier Division during the Winter Leg of this year’s Telkom DGL Battlefield 4 league, Stephen “Lang-Slang” de Witt looks forward to the DoGaming Championships (DGC) which is to be held in 2 weeks’ time during rAge at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg.

With 3 teams representing xTc at this year’s DGC, xTc does look like a force to be reckoned with, especially seeing that they have 2 teams making up the 10 teams that will be competing. They are not alone though: Pulse and NSD also have 2 teams competing at the DGC in Battlefield 4. This makes for a really interesting DGC this year with 10 teams from 6 clans competing for that number 1 spot. (Will we see some team orders as with Formula 1 perhaps?)

After a successful online league this year finishing joint 1st along with Divided Motion during the Summer Leg and finishing 2nd behind Pulse Gaming in the Winter Leg Stephen says that the top teams really have a close margin and that it can be anybody’s game and that they have been hard at work preparing for the DGC because of that:

“I don’t think there is much between the top 5 teams in the country at the moment. Matches are won or lost with narrow ticket margins. We have been consistently performing under pressure. We have been training very hard since the end of the Winter Leg: Playing friendlies, trying new things and seeing some improvements or bumping our heads. That’s what friendlies are for anyways. We are feeling very positive and we are expecting a really tough time at the DGC this year due to teams being so evenly matched. We will take a few days off just before the DGC”

With Battlefield Hardline not as close around the corner as it was a couple of weeks ago after being delayed we asked Stephen how he feels about the game and if he feels that it will be a competitive title:

“For one, it won’t be released in time to be considered as the title for next year’s league. (I’m so happy about that). Personally the game looks like a mix between GTA, Need For Speed and Payday, it looks like fun but I can’t see it being competitive.
This year was a bit of a nightmare with BF4 being an empty promise from DICE, we expected ‘the best competitive BF title yet’, and what we have been playing this whole year I can confidently say is not the best Battlefield title to date. The Battlefield franchise seems to be leaning towards pleasing the general public, making more sales and making the game a bit more ‘noob friendly’ for everyone to enjoy it equally. This is no problem for game sales, but it does make it harder to play the game competitively when pure skill isn’t a game changing factor as it used to be.”

As Battlefield Hardline won’t be released in time to be considered as a competitive title for next year’s league and Stephen being quite vocal about bringing Battlefield 3 back as the competitive title in the DGL for next year we asked him how he feels about it especially with regards to sponsors and the DGL:

“I have been causing some waves and I have been making noise regarding BF3 yes. I have done numerous voting polls on Facebook and on the Battlefield forum and people seem pretty keen on playing BF3 again.
I really hope that it gets considered for next year, there has been unconfirmed talks that the DGL will hold an official voting poll to see what the community would like to play next year. But nothing confirmed yet, we will just have to wait and see. I personally hope they do the poll and I hope they bring Battlefield3 back.
As far as sponsoring an ‘older title’ goes. The league has brought back Quake and CS1.6 and COD4 if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think tournament sponsors really care about the title as much as the exposure that they will be receiving for sponsoring prizes. I might be wrong.
I don’t think it’s really that much about the Big prizes anyway. If you ask me: ‘Slang what would you prefer, a big first place prize at LAN with bf4/hardline, or play the better title (BF3) all year with a smaller prize?’ I would choose BF3. Only 1 team wins at the end of the year. 1 team gets that big prize. The rest of the +-50 teams play the game all year to be competitive, improve, and most importantly, ENJOY the game. So if you are planning on spending hours and hours training, playing matches, why not do it on the most competitive title?
The top teams will always do well, regardless of the title. But I don’t see many top players sticking in there another year with a title they don’t enjoy as much.”

As well-known as Stephen “Lang-Slang” de Witt is on the Battlefield he is just as vocal on forums, Facebook and Battlelog and raises a lot of controversial issue, but also trolls a lot:

“I speak my mind and I can be blunt at times. I never want to start arguments but rather healthy debates. Like this BF3 vs BF4 topic as an example.
I troll my friends a lot yes, they know and they troll me too so it’s all just fun and games.
As for the community, I have helped out quite a few starter clans, helping them with strats, team setups, tanking tips.
I also arrange 90% of the tournaments for Battlefield outside DGL. So I might be loud, some might not like me. But I do care for this community and I do everything in my power to help it grow.”

xTc.Black Legion’s lineup for the DGC will be as follows:

  • Stephen “Lang-Slang” de Witt
  • Morne “Chrono” Conradie
  • Renier “Sabrefox91o” van Rooyen
  • Robert “Th3Puck” Ferraris
  • Shaun “Volken” Toerien
  • Helgard “Chaotic” van Rooyen
  • Kieren “Kierenblade” Gerling
  • Glen “WOERR” Buxton[/starlist]

Teams who qualified to compete at this year’s DGC for Battlefield 4:

  1. puLse.Evolve
  2. xTc.Black Legion
  3. bvd Battlefield 4
  4. ApG.Apollo
  5. [dM]Ex0dus
  6. [ DC ] eLement
  7. [NSD]Vengeance
  8. [NSD]Retribution
  9. puLse.Emerge
  10. xTc.Forsaken

The xTc teams competing at this year’s DGC:

  • xTc.Black Legion (BF4)
  • xTc.Forsaken (BF4)
  • xTc.RaiN (Dota 2)

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