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Internet, we have to talk.This week, a short-sighted American man with a TV talk show made some comments about gamers:’m sure many people, including some gamers, found this hilarious. I didn’t, but I brushed it off for what it was – an out of touch, older TV talk show host trying to get a reaction from a group of people (gamers) who are, let’s face it, pretty easy to get a reaction from.You see, internet, we’ve spent most of our lives being misunderstood and branded with monikers similar to those Jimmy Kimmel uses in the above video. By now, none of us should be strangers to people who aren’t familiar with the lifestyles of a gamer hatin’ on us like this. It’s one of those hobbies that we just have to accept that the most people on this planet are not ever going to understand and we should be OK with that – which I think most of us are.But you see internet, after the above video (now one of the mos disliked videos on Youtube of all time) happened, the talk show host decided to reply to all of the comments on the video by gamers. Which is when this happened:, he picked out the most entertaining comments that he could mould and sell to his audience to further his own agenda, but let’s look past that for a little bit, internet, and focus on the kinda thing we chose to comment on this video.In fact, before we talk about it, let’s watch the second follow up video about this, also from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show:, we can ALL agree right off the bat that his comments around video gaming, watching gaming and our community are off base and unfounded – comments like “how can you be part of a community if you don’t leave your house,” are obviously designed to cause offence and surely not even Kimmel himself can really believe that. But that’s not why we need to talk.I’ll give it to the commenters, I laughed at some of them.But not all of them.See, it’s never OK to tell people to get cancer, get aids or to die. Those kind of comments made to someone who does, unfortunately, have a public platform to air his views and grievances make the gaming community look like a group of hateful, heartless and horrible people. While that kind of humour might be well understood and appreciated within the walls of the gaming community, spreading that kind of hate to someone like Jimmy Kimmel, even though he has been an unmitigated asshole about our hobby is just not OK.We’re better than this internet. We’re better.Let’s rather appreciate that not all of these bigotted talk show hosts hate on gaming. Some even enjoy it: 

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