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Long haired favourite, Imaqtpie, leaves Dignitas


Yep…You read it…Imaqtie is leaving. *tears* What is happening???

Team Dignitas declared that Michael “imaqtpie” Santana, streamer, founder of the “Dongsquad” and playing Heimerdinger in the Challenger pre-work, AD carry and last original member of the Rock Solid line-up, is moving on and departing from Team Dignitas. There are numerous reasons why “imaqtpie” left, but he strongly feels that he does not like the way things are changing especially with the rosters. But it is likely that he will continue streaming due to his large amount of followers.

Imaqtpie started his participation in the competitive side of League of Legends in September of 2011, dating back to League of Legends’ blooming years. The Rock Solid, his original squad, line-up featured Curse player Joe “VoyBoy” Esfahani, former Dignitas coach William “Scarra” Li, and commentator Joshua “Jatt” Leesman. Before Riot Games’ League Championship Series, this team was one of the first to challenge well known teams, Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming for the “best team in North America” title.

Many people are sad to see this amazing, funny and fabulous guy to leave Team Dignitas, but luckily he won’t be far away.

No comments were made by Team Dignitas regarding the replacement of  Imaqtie for the new season.



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