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Mortal Kombat X Cup Starts Tomorrow!


The time has come boys and girls – the time for overexxagerated violence, fight mechanics and just absolute awesome button mashing fun… the South Africa leg of the Mortal Kombat X Cup starts tomorrow, and nAvTV will be in the thick of it, with our very own RidditZ and HellbirD casting every moment of the action!

This is one of the biggest game releases of the year, and we’re proud to be bringing you all of the Mortal Kombat X Cup action right here at nAvTV!

Check out the trailer! Can anyone else say H Y P E!?

The qualifiers run every Saturday from Tomorrow (9 May) until the 30th May from 10h30 until approximately 16h00 and the finals taking place on June 6th at 10h30!

It’ll all be streamed live on nAvTV’s Twitch channel -> HERE!

That’s not all – if you tune in to the stream, you’ll have a chance at winning some awesome prizes including Scorpion Bobbleheads, MK diaries, keyrings, tattoo sleeves, PS4 controller skins, shirts and even game keys… and a few more!

See you tomorrow on the stream!

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