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Noxville talks tequila, Pro Multicasting joining nAvTV and…wait, what?


Do a Google search for Noxville, and you’ll (eventually) get a result of: “Does Noxville Rule?” One might say that there is no real easy answer to this question. Because of Noxville’s larger than life personality and outspoken ways, you’ll find those who immediately answer in the affirmative as well as those who grab their pitchforks and growl, “eugh, no.” We’ve decided we’d rather be among the former group, and not just because angry mobs are so last season.

Ben4Ben ‘Noxville’ Steenhuisen is an asset to the greater South African eSports community, and more specifically, the Dota 2 and Hearthstone communities. He is always one of the first people out there ready to lend a hand, or an opinion. He isn’t afraid to speak out against any possible injustices. You’ll find that many of the people who say they don’t like Noxville, will still admit to respecting him for this kind of behaviour. And of course, his casting is pretty top notch as well.

Back in 2012, Noxville and a few other casters conceived the idea of forming a “casting collective for Dota 2”. At the beginning of 2014, when the DGL made it a requirement that casters for all titles be a part of an official organisation, this idea took shape in the form of Professional Multicasting with other amazing names on board such as scant, Plic, Demonik, Lag_Beast and Pacman. Since then they’ve had a busy and successful year with each caster displaying their talent and their passion for their respective titles whenever required of them.

How could we not notice who they were? Obviously we knew each caster individually, but as an organisation Professional Multicasting had become nAvTV’s soulmate. We had stared across that metaphorical dancefloor at their graceful moves and we wanted to tango with them like it was 1992 (Bonus points to anyone who can pick up this reference without looking it up.)

So for those of you who saw the title of this post and wondered what that was about, now you know. nAvTV and Pro Multicasting have officially merged. Noxville, as well as the other regular and not-so-regular casters, will be joining the nAvTV team which means you can look forward to more casts, more streams and straight up more awesomeness.

Now onto the part where Noxville actually “talks”.

For those of you who don’t actually know much about Noxville. Ben ‘Noxville’ Steenhuisen is a 26 year old Software Developer living in Cape Town, although originally from Durban. He likes to play games, and cast games, specifically casting Dota 2 and hopefully some Hearthstone. He writes for, and does general Dota-related statistics.

nAvTV: First things first, this is an obligatory question that is required. It’s in the handbook and everything. What made you decide to start casting? Was it your sultry voice or other reasons?

Noxville: I started casting around 3 years ago. I took over as the admin for the last two seasons of Twilight League because they needed someone reasonable to handle it (there were lots of disputes and issues that lead to some of the admins leaving). I ended up watching most of the games so I decided ‘hey, why not provide commentary also?’. Since then I’ve pretty much cast any event that’s needed casting, and remained involved in helping with DGL as a committee member for Dota 2 and, more recently, Hearthstone.

nAvTV: What’s been the highlight of your casting career in Dota or Hearthstone? A specific event or match?

Noxville: Well, I’ve only cast some personal games of Hearthstone – there’s no nice spectating feature (yet). My favourite time casting was ASF.Romeo5 vs Uebelst Gaming when I cast with SingSing. The first game I was totally nervous, poured myself a gin and tonic and was fine by game two – was laughing pretty much non-stop. The other funny time was when Dendi subbed for ASF in a DGL match (it was during a transfer window, so they could sign him up).Ben2

nAvTV: Realistically, I do need to ask this since Richard will want to know as well. Why Hearthstone?

Noxville: Hearthstone is really addictive, there’s a large player-base, and with no limit due to latency – it’s really fun. Also is accessible enough for almost anyone to watch, play and enjoy – so it’s a nice contrast to Dota 2. The only thing letting it down is ‘spectator mode’ or the ability to watch replays – although I think this will change within a few months. When I was much younger I was a fan of Magic: The Gathering, and I started playing again a few years ago.

nAvTV: If I have to make you look good, how hard am I going to have to work? Would it make my job easier if you put on a mankini?

A bottle of tequila should suffice.

nAvTV: You’ve been running Professional Multicasting, or rather Pro Multicasting as everyone likes to call it, for quite a while with some top notch talent on your team besides yourself, such as Scant and Plic. What made you decide that now was the right time to merge with nAvTV?

Noxville: Well, both nAv and PM have the same goal: to promote eSports in South Africa and provide quality commentary for these events. During DGL Winter Leg and during DGC, the administration work just in terms of communicating between the two organizations just got really high and took a lot of time away from the casting aspect. I think it can be a definite win-win for everyone involved: PM, nAv and the viewers.

nAvTV: What are you looking forward to when it comes to being one big organisation? Working with someone specific or something else?

Noxville: It’d be nice to be part of a very big event as one large professional machine, and at the same time cast with HellbirD for the first time in a while. It also means that a lot of the administration of running an entire organisation is reduced – meaning more time for casting, more synchronised marketing and awareness; and of course more fun!

nAvTV: Are you, in fact, the king of horrible jokes?

(None of the jokes that Noxville provided were suitable to be written here).

nAvTV: In your opinion, what makes a caster worth listening to?

Noxville: This depends really. Casters are sort of hybrids: part entertainer, part educator. Although it’s one-way communication, as a viewer you have to be in a position to understand and enjoy what the caster is saying – so obviously some people who just want #hype #blackhooolllllllllllllllllllllllle, a caster like Drayskyll might not be suitable; and for someone who understands the game intensely and wants deep analytical knowledge, a caster like TobiWan wouldn’t be suitable.Within the South African scene, people generally want almost equal amounts of both so it’s important to find a casting partner where the roles are pretty well defined; and as a result it’s a perk if you’re a caster who’s flexible enough to be in both positions should the need arise.

nAvTV: How do you see the future of eSports in South Africa and where do you want your place to be in that future?

Noxville: eSports worldwide is changing – it’s getting bigger and bigger by a huge amount every year and South African eSports is part of this growth. Already we have one of the largest leagues from a single country, and as more and more local casual gamers get involved in the competitive side, we can actually grow at a more rapid rate than other, more saturated countries. My role in eSports has always be to fill in where help is needed or where something isn’t done properly so I’d like to remain in that kind of role: I don’t like seeing eSports suffering due to bad management so I’m pretty quick (and willing) to call out bad decisions.

nAvTV: Do you have any final words of wisdom?

Love is like a fart. If you have to force it then it’s probably shit.


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