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Mission and History


Our Mission
nAvTV is an eSports mission02broadcasting organisation dedicated to becoming the destination of choice for discerning gamers on a mission to find the best eSports related media available. We see ourselves as a trusted partner of our respective communities, helping them grow in an innovative and reliable way. We have an army of experienced casters in the most popular eSports titles, each one an active member in their communities, who are always willing to lend a hand, answer any question or to stream anything that may come their way. It just happens to be a bonus that most of them are super attractive with the personalities to match.

nAvTV is kept running through the benefits provided to us by our partners and the support of the eSports community. Without either, we wouldn’t be able to be the happy and, albeit, dysfunctional family that we are. On our journey to becoming a recognised brand name, our goal is to do it hand in hand with you and our partners, all the while keeping our sense of humor and staying beautiful. Did we mention that we’re beautiful?


The History of nAvTV
We’re an organisation with pedigree!

1909860_7681165301_9614_nIn the very early 2000’s when garage LANs were starting to gain in popularity, Nathaneal “BurningRed” Slabbert and Richard “Beetle001” Ferreira started a clan in a garage in Cape Town.

It was at this very LAN pictured left that nAv Gaming was founded. At the time, we competed with the local gamers in garage LANs just like this one – online gaming wasn’t even on the horizon for most South Africans. It didn’t take long before small-pond-big-fish syndrome to set in, and soon we sought bigger challenges. This is when we found ourselves at bigger LANs like Organised Chaos, where we enjoyed the more competitive atmosphere.

For a few years, from about 2008 to 2011, nAv Gaming all but hibernated.

But as the years went on, we continued to develop a passion for gaming. Our paths separated in 2010 when BurningRed moved to Johannesburg. Continuing the legacy of nAv Gaming, BurningRed started an online MGO, and recuited some top players in their titles and enjoyed moderate success with the newly rebranded and reborn nAv Gaming. BurningRed, with unmatched enthusiasm and effort grew nAv Gaming into something we could never have imagined in the glow of those 14″ CRT monitors in the early 2000s.

Some time in 2013, when eSports started to take hold of South Africa, BurningRed picked up a microphone and casted a CSGO game. The rest, as they say, is history.

nAvTV was born, with a focus on shoutcasting and bringing the professional eSports games and competitions happening all over South Africa to the public, so they can watch them – a goal driven by the passion of making eSports huge in South Africa, and a passion that lives on to this very day.

mission01In 2014, BurningRed made the decision to leave nAv Gaming and nurse nAvTV into something bigger. He put his time, focus all his time and energy into growing the casting organisation into the biggest and best in South Africa and grow it he did. It’s during this time that fellow eSports enthusiasts Devin “Hellbird” Rigotti and De Wet “RidditZ” Lombard-Bovey smelled something great, and jumped at the chance to join the fledgling organisation. And, like all good stories, Richard “Beetle001” Ferreira rejoined his old partner to head up the support team.

Since then, many more talented people have joined nAvTV and today we boast the best eSports Broadcasting team in the country.

Over the past few years, we’ve done some incredible things and we’re not slowing down! With the community’s support, along with an incredible team of talented casters, tireless producers, and an invaluable support team, the sky is truly the limit for nAvTV eSports Broadcasting!

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