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Pro Noob guide to DGL – What Is It?


So there is this event that has been happening in the competitive scene for a few years now called “DGL”. Everyone seems to know the name DGL, but what does it actually mean? Can I eat it?

Well, the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL)  is the most well-known and largest yearlong league. This is where South African gamers (and sometimes foreigners) compete  to reach the ultimate goal – to be invited to the DGC (Do Gaming Championships), usually held in October, and ultimately claim first place for the DGL season. There are various competitive titles and leagues DGL has to offer, the most common ones being Battlefield 4 (Team-Based 5v5 & 8v8, FPS), DOTA 2 (Team-based 5v5, Action RTS), COD:Ghosts, Ghosts (Team-based 5v5, FPS), League of Legends (Team-based 5v5, Action RTS), Gran Turismo (Racing) and Counter-Strike:GO (Team-based 5v5, FPS).

oisadlkhasdhsadlhasddsParticipating in such an event is all amazing and fun, but as with most events and tournaments, DGL has their own set of rules. Each player participating in DGL needs to agree to their terms and conditions and understand the rules. These rules can be found here.

But how does DGL work?

Well, DGL is a yearlong league, which means the year is broken up into 3 main parts. Summer leg, Winter Leg and Championships.

annual structureGreat stuffs…How do I get started?

There are a few steps, that you as a competitor, need to follow in order to participate. Each competitive title has its own unique registration process that you need to follow. Here are all the competitive titles DGL has to offer. Following this link will provide you with all the necessary information that you will need. From how to register to starting your own team/clan.

Now that you know what DGL is and how it works (hopefully), I asked some gamers of South Africa about their DGL experiences, expectations and their opinions on the future of DGL. I asked players that have been playing for more than a year, players who started this year for the first time, and players who have never competed in DGL before, but would like to compete in 2015. From LoL and Dota players, to CSGO and BF players, they all were very kind to help me in getting some interesting answers for my questions!

old schoolOld timers answers – players been participating in DGL for more than a year

Q: Rate your DGL experience – Players rated average – good.

Q: Was your experience with DGL what you expected it to be before you participated for the first time?

No, was way better than I anticipated it to be. Definitely excited to get back into the scene.

Yes, it was. Being the rookie that I was, Adrenaline pumping and hearts racing, just what I expected.

More or less yes.

It was a great experience, the competitiveness and the adrenaline rush that you get makes it all the worth while. It’s a good way to make a name for yourself in the gaming community.

No (The Good: When I first participated it was fun because we got a free invite to DGC) (The Bad: We got kicked from Prem because we didn’t follow 1 small rule whilst all the other big Prem teams weren’t kicked because they exploited the rules).

Q: What kind of prizes would you like win at DGC?

The prize structure is good, but if DGC sponsors could sponsor transport fees and even accommodation one day, will make it a lot easier on gamers.

I think the current prizes are adequate.

Computer parts & peripherals.

Q: In your experience do you feel that DGL has the structure to run for the next 5 years?

Yes definitely.

If they are more open to community input, then yes.

Yes, but only if they fix their management issues.

Yes (Mainly because there are always Dota 2 Players whom want to climb rank in South Africa).

I do, however their support teams are not willing to give proper assistance when a query is made.

Q: Advice for first time DGL players?

Just have fun,other than playing on a competitive level,Having fun is the main idea.

Keep strong, it ain’t easy. You will lose. FACT. But remember, “Wolves do not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.” If you keep that mindset you will go far.

If you are a solo player, try join a team that’s been around for a while, even as a reserve. Its the quickest way to learn the ropes. If you are starting a new team, remember players come and go, but try keep the clan standing as long as you can, it promotes growth. Ask older/prem clans for tips and advice, they are always willing.

Listen to your Veteran players and heed their advice. But don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and stand your ground.

Follow the rules, enjoy the game, and log a ticket if you need help 🙂

Never give up. I came from a lowbie team and now am in the 2nd best in SA. Keep improving.

noobsFirst timers – players who started in DGL 2014

Q: Was the DGL system easy understandable? Everyone said yes!

Q: Was your experience with DGL what you expected it to be before you participated for the first time?

No, I found that the people were are much more friendly than I first expected.


Sort of, there was a few minor issues with the rules and server settings on the DGL page, but once we informed the DGL Committee, they were corrected.

Yes, it was fun and I enjoyed it.

Q: With your current DGL, experience would you participate in DGL in the future? Everyone said yes!

Q: What kind of prizes would you like win at DGC?

Would like to see some screens thrown into the prize pool if possible.

Prizes don’t really matter and I’ve never thought about it. I just play for fun. If I had to choose I’d say money I guess or a skin of my choosing.


Newbies – players whom never participated in DGL, but would like to enter for DGL 2015

Q: How did you hear about DGL?

South African Gaming Forums


Previous Clan

NAG Magazine

Facebook Community

Q: What are your expectations of participating in DGL?

There are some pretty good teams out there, but we will do our best to be amongst the best of them.

To win.

I just want to improve as a player and have fun with team mates. I don’t expect to win the DGC at all.

Going to get dominated in summer leg.Very hard and challenging times.A massive amount of dedication is going to be have to put in.Its going to be hard to manage and captain a DGL team for the first time.

Q: Are you part of a team? If so, how did you find them? (via Facebook, Gaming forums, etc)


Facebook Community


Q:What kind of prizes would you like win at DGC?

Any kind of gaming peripherals or even computers or cash.

Money (at least to cover flight cost), peripherals, vouchers, commemorative items, PC parts, etc.

A gaming computer.

With more and more people entering DGL each year…we should be excited to see where DGL and gaming of South Africa will be in the future! I would like to thank all the gamers who helped me in writing this article! Let’s make DGL 2015 yet another awesome competitive year! Good luck to all!
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