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Q&A: Rustypie_Lover


At nAvTV, we have a good number of DotA 2 casters, and it isn’t surprising given the popularity of DotA 2 as an eSport in South Africa. One of these casters, however, stands out from the pack, and not just because he’s ginger.

Rustypie_Lover is a unique entertainment caster and Youtuber, who is as odd as he is entertaining. We caught up with the pie-lover for a quick Q&A.


Rustypie_Lover. The ginger casting, pie loving ninja.

nAvTV: Tell us about yourself – your age, where you’re from, what you do for a living.
Rustypie Lover: Well. Im 21, I live in Langlaagte, little brother to Brixton.  And I am an IT support for a living.

nAvTV: What do you do in the internet?
Rustypie Lover: I am an aspiring youtuber, doing playthroughs and games I generally love, or what the public may hate

nAvTV: Obligatory question.. what made you start youtubing?
Rustypie Lover: Watching Markipliers vlog, he inspired me to start doing what I love. At first, it was awkward, and now its become my primary goal.

nAvTV: What do you think sets your videos apart from other users doing the same thing?
Rustypie Lover: To be honest, its the audience. Its a weird thing to say, but the audience ive built has set me apart from others. I have such an amazing subscriber base, and THEY, with their smiles, set me apart

nAvTV: What do you find is the most popular content you produce?
Rustypie Lover: For some really strange reason, it has been the Bookworm adventure series that has pulled in the viewers. It may be the bosses, or maybe people looking for spelling advice? i wouldnt recommend it though!

nAvTV: What, of all of the things that you do, do you enjoy the most? casting/lets plays, etc?
Rustypie Lover: To be honest, the gameplays i do, that involve me thinking a bit, those are really the most enjoyable. Dont get me wrong, i THOROUGHLY enjoy casting, best moments, AXE DUNKS! But, the let’s plays, like Hitman, truly make me immersed in a game, and makes it more fun for the viewers to watch, and hopefully, get a laugh out of it 🙂

nAvTV: In your opinion, what makes a caster worth listening to?
Rustypie Lover: it really depends on his/her forte, different casters attract different audiences. you get the guys who love the jokes and shouter, and the guys who like technics. For me, my audience enjoys hard fought fights with screams! 

nAvTV: What inspired you to cast and at what point did you start taking it seriously enough to want to join an organisation like nAvTV?
Rustypie Lover: Well. At first I sort of casted through spectator view, but I knew I wanted more, and when I got contacted with the opportunity, I knew it was a calling, to entertain those who watch the games. What inspired me was the calls of like Tobiwan and Congo, those guys got me into trying to cast.

nAvTV: How do you improve as a caster? Do you rely on your fellow team members to give you advice you can trust, or do you prefer to look to the players who may know the game better?
Rustypie Lover: Well, both really. For me to improve on my knowledge, I look at what players do, what they play, how they play. Particularly the supports. But to improve on casts, what to focus on, I rely on my fellow casters, as im still fairly new, I want to absorb everything they offer in advice.

nAvTV: Apart from yourself obviously, who do you think the shining star of the nAv casting team was and why?
Rustypie Lover: To be honest. Each and every single one of my fellow casters shine brighter than stars Rihanna thinks of. They put effort into every cast and I look up to all of them.

nAvTV: What hardware do you use to cast and record with?
Rustypie_Lover: The hardware I use to cast with and record. Is the Steelseries Siberia v2 frost blue

nAvTV: What is your favourite game of all time?
Rustypie Lover: Duke Nukem 3D! 😀

Pie: delicious. Feed it to Rustypie_Lover.

Pie: delicious. Feed it to Rustypie_Lover.

nAvTV: Is the cake a lie?
Rustypie_Lover: If Lycan is farmed…the cake doesnt even exist…nor does bambi…the memories.

nAvTV: How much do you like pie?
Rustypie Lover: In a song of Haddaway…what is pie? Baby do feed me….do feed me…some more.

nAvTV: What is your favourite pie?
Rustypie_Lover: Chicken and Mushroom 

nAvTV: What is the meaning of life?
Rustypie Lover: Life…is like a lemon…if you eat it like that…itll be sour… but take it with sugar and water. And u got lemonade!

nAvTV: Is there anything you want to say to the readers?
Rustypie_Lover: Thank you for reading this! Also. Remember readers…we ALL have a little ginger in us!


You can check out what our favourite ginger, the Rustypie_Lover is doing at the following places:

h ttp://www.youtube.com/rustypieloverer


nAvTV thanks Rustypie_Lover for asnwering our barrage of questions!

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    DeWet Lombard-Bovéy Reply
    Nov 5, 2014 @ 15:11 pm

    Hahahahaha nice 🙂 loving it Rusty

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    Fuzzyfish Reply
    Nov 5, 2014 @ 22:02 pm

    Fuzzyfish approves this message ………………………..keep it up rustz ur a great caster and u can only get brighter urself ……………………….shoot for the giant potato pie in the sky coz once u get past that tier greatness awaits (the inside jokes are real) love u bro

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