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Q&A with ViNx


unnamed-2Here at nAvTV, we like to let you, our viewer, get to know our casters better – and there’s no better way to do that than a Q&A!

One of nAvTV’s up and coming Dota 2 casters, with a strong analytical knowledge and unrivaled passion for the game, ViNx sat down with us for a quick Q&A!

nAvTV: Tell us about yourself! Your age, where you’re from, what you do for a living…

ViNx: I’m 22, staying in Bloemfontein. I’m a graphic designer and I’m loving my job. Haha. One thing I could say for sure about myself, is that I love Red pandas! On a serious note, I’m a quiet person until you see me rage. xD. I like my own bubble. I’m that type of person who enjoys staying indoors when it rains and watch some amazing streams, such as Synderen. He’s by far my favorite Dota 2 streamer!

nAvTV: How did you get into gaming?

ViNx: I started out from watching my brother play Dota 1. I wasn’t too fond of the game as I was pretty picky on the graphics back then. This being said, I never took interest on games online. Although, when we did play games together, CounterStrike was my absolute favourite game. So in 2011, my brother got me on a Steam account and that was when I started taking gaming more seriously.

nAvTV:  What were the first games you started to play and really enjoy?

ViNx: To be absolutely honest…I first became addicted to the Sims. Don’t judge! I’m a big fan of MMO games. This includes playing my life away on Guild Wars 2! However, right now, Im super glad that I gave Dota 2 a shot after playing CSS for 2 years. Both games are amazing, the people are amazing. I think without them, I wouldn’t have continued.

nAvTV: How did you manage to put up with how bad Guild Wars 2 was as a follow on to the amazing original Guild Wars?

ViNx: I never played Guild Wars 1!

SCR_47384nAvTV: What about the World of Warcraft monster?

ViNx: I played WoW. but never been … like… playing til my social life became non existent. In Guild Wars 2 it was like that!

nAvTV: Are you an in your face sword wielder or a stand back and run away magic user?

ViNx: In your face sword wielder. I used to love playing range, but in Guild Wars 2 I was a thief/warrior. Mainly warrior!

nAvTV: What made you interested in eSports as a whole and want to get into casting?

ViNx: It started out from watching The International 3 on Dota 2. The hype was incredible and the plays were just as mezmerizing. I’ve always wanted to play competively but never got around to it. I find it more interesting spectating games and play out different gamestyles. So when my brother, Rainz, started casting with Profeci, it was just as exciting. I never thought I would try it out myself, because I’m such a shy person. But I’ve always wanted to engage my opinions with others while spectating games. So I guess, casting allowed myself to voice out my opinion to a bigger crowd.

nAvTV: You’re a very analytical caster with a deep knowledge of Dota 2. Where would you say most of your knowledge comes from?

ViNx: I play quite a lot of Dota 2. Too much, if you ask me xD. But, each time I would always want to improve. By playing with some of the amazing players in South Africa, helped me become a player as well as an analyst.

When it came to watching international games, I pay more attetion to why specific heroes were chosen and how they plan to play it in their form of draft. When listening to Synderen stream, he explains everything so well. Specifically, as to how a hero fits into the draft and how it can become a dominant hero.

nAvTV: You’ve recently started ViNx Gaming – where do you want to take it as a personal brand and what are your aspirations in eSports?

10570519_1096592197021470_4638066156059167864_nViNx: The only reason I started VinxGaming was to update games that would be casted, as well as allowing others to spectate them as well. So far, my aspirations would be becoming a better anaylst in the SA scene, and one day, I would be casting next to SYNDEWIN! 

nAvTV: Whats the quickest way to kill a Sim?

ViNx: KILL IT WITH FIRE! Or, watch them drown in a very slow, painful death.

nAvTV: Anything you want to tell those reading this?

ViNx: I would like to say that it’s never too late to learn the game, and have fun doing it. Also, spectating games and watching international teams play, does really improve your understanding on another perspective. A big thank you to Profeci and Rainz for being my main motivation and a shoutout to nAvTV for everything they have done to make me feel welcomed.


Well there you have it folks! A quick look behind the voice that is ViNx! You can catch her casting many Dota 2 games for nAvTV!

THanks to ViNx for spending some time with us!

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