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Sonic joins Energy eSports, Facebook war erupts


Even though (at the time of writing) no official announcement has been made by either team, it appears that Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek has left nAv and joined Energy eSports, replacing Thulani “LighteRTZ” Sishi.

After a post from Donovan “nod” Fourie was apparently removed from the local CS:GO South Africa Facebook group, he made another post asking why it was removed. Saying that it referred to “a rant about teams poaching players and basically raping the community”, head admin of the group Alastair “Lag_Beast” Bouman stated that he did not delete the post and that “there is no history to check who did”.

After it was also stated that Sonic was “poached” from nAv by Energy eSports and that he will replace LighteRTZ as the 5th in the team, what ensued was a battle of words with comments from both teams as well as the community.  It started with nAv’s nod stating that the move “doesn’t help the community”, which prompted a reply from Energy’s Ruan “ELUSIVE” Van Wyk:

Energy’s Ashton “Golz” Muller also joined in, confirming that Sonic has joined their team:


nAv’s Stephan “-sV-” van Tonder also entered the comments with a prompt response from Golz:

Golz further made a lengthy post trying to explain their decision for bringing Sonic into Energy with all the accusations of him cheating still being rather fresh in the minds of the community and also welcomed Sonic to the team:


nAv’s Connor “KING” Laming had a different view than nod:


After nod had a go regarding sponsors, Energy’s James “zerOchaNce /cb/” Wijnberg also joined in the conversation:


You can read all the comments on the post on the CS:GO South Africa Facebook Group.

Now: Let me get into this from my side, not as a journalist reporting on this, but as a player and a member of this community.

For one, I don’t see a problem with the fact that Energy approached Sonic for trials. It’s a well-known fact that players gets approached all the time and a player such as Sonic is currently gold for any CS:GO team with all the attention that he has gotten following his recent individual performances. We have seen the effect he had on the Veneration eSports team since joining and also the effect he’s had since joining the nAv team.

The only thing I’m worried about is something that I keep referring to during games that I cast. Synergy and cohesion. It’s one thing to have a team with top fraggers & aimers, but it all depends on how well these players get together. How quickly they can get used to the play styles and working together. Will they do what Maikelele was allowed to do with NiP and let Sonic do what he wants, or will they try and control him and try and grow him the way that they want him? Only time will tell, but we will see the team in action this Sunday in The Community Cup.

The expected team for Energy eSports for Sunday is as follows:

Energy team




The thing that bothers me the most is that this has drawn so much attention and had players and fellow community members throwing personal insults around. Players switch teams often in South Africa with some players forming new teams every year and getting new players. Every now and then our top teams need to make a change – Bravado Gaming and Damage Control did it recently, now it is Energy eSports’ turn. Sonic is a high profile player, yes, but this is something that happens all the time, locally and internationally.

As I said, Sonic is worth gold at the moment. Hackusations aside, I feel that he is playing extremely well and he might just be the 5th that Energy needs to tip the scale in their favour with their battle against Bravado Gaming. That said, Damage Control is also on the lookout for a new 5th player and I really do hope that we will have a proper 3 way battle for that number 1 position in the Telkom Gaming League in 2015.

To me this is paving the way for a very exciting 2015.

Richard Ferreira

Richard is a 31 year old gamer from Cape Town with a chip on his shoulder and a worsening cynicism problem. He plays games (badly), drums (badly) and writes English good.

He also hosts the nAvTV podcast and this here website is his domain.

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    what are you want dude? Reply
    Dec 4, 2014 @ 22:41 pm

    eN too stronk

  • img
    Svarupa Singh Reply
    Dec 4, 2014 @ 23:11 pm

    I think if eN didn’t approach sonic he would nt of asked to join 0.o. I think that’s why its called poaching maybe Hmmm

    • img
      Cu@Rage Reply
      Dec 5, 2014 @ 9:35 am

      That is counter-productive thinking Shupas, the sooner people accept MGO’s and recruitment as a business the sooner these situations won’t be an issue any more. Yes it leaves one team worse off and another team better off, but in the end the community grows stronger by having better skilled teams that can spearhead into international comps and leave a mark. People complain eN did not do well at the international comp, yet they also complain when eN diversifies their skills by recruiting, totally unreasonable thinking 🙂 Quintien hits the nail on the head with his comment, contracts = player reattainment, just my options and experience as MGO owner 🙂

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        Dec 5, 2014 @ 17:37 pm

        Personally I don’t think anybody would have asked to join unless they knew that LighteRTZ was leaving. You can call it what you want though, this is how sports works. Players from lower divisions or teams gets noticed and then they get picked up by teams from higher divisions.

        Sponsors and MGO’s aside, nAv’s CS:GO team barely did anything in 2014. They finished last in the Premier Division in the Summer Leg and retired in the Premier Playoffs. They then entered a ‘new’ team for the Winter Leg in the Open Division and retired yet again. So now they started a new team (again) and cry fowl when 1 of their star players gets snatched up? I think any player would rather play in the Premier Division than in the Open Division with a seeding of about 30 teams lower?

        The best this nAv team could have done was to play at DGC end of next year, but they could not play in the Premier Division as they would have had to play in the Open Division in Summer and if they do well they could play in the First Division and then the DGC playoffs, with the possibility of playing in the Premier Division in 2016.

        Someone as talented as Sonic should be exposed to the best opposition to grow as a player seeing how he is still so young.

      • img
        Svarupa Singh Reply
        Dec 6, 2014 @ 13:52 pm

        Meh i never said they did bad but yea i get what your saying i just saw a lot more potential in nAv with Sonic tbh

      • img
        Svarupa Singh Reply
        Feb 21, 2015 @ 11:32 am


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    Quinten Weening Reply
    Dec 5, 2014 @ 1:27 am

    I think this is a great time to involve contracts for major teams so issues like this can’t be had but on a side note there is nothing holding any player back meaning if you want a player enough then ur gunna get him/her with a good offer this issue is one of many south African community

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