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Trolling. Let’s Have That Talk.


trollAllow me, if you will, for a moment to step back from my usual meandering thoughts to serious up for a bit.

I’ve had the discussion about trolls in gaming a few times in the last couple of weeks and it’s prompted me to write down my thoughts on the whole thing. They’re probably going to be scattered, since I’m writing this without much direction, so let’s just see where it goes.

Trolling? Isn’t that a creature?

Well, yes and no.

In this respect, we’re talking about the use of the label troll as evolved from the dictionary definition “fish by trailing a baited line along behind a boat” – that is, to purposefully try and get attention by being controversial or insulting to others online.

A read through Urban Dictionary’s entries is quiet enlightening if you’re unsure of what we’re about to talk about:

We’re not talking about light-hearted humourous trolling here. Here we’re talking about hardcore, mean, calculated nd agressive insults and hounding. Broaching this subject has always been tough and it will remain tough because, like one of the people I admire most, overweight and abused boogie2988 puts it, “Speaking out against it is a great way to receive more of it.”

Have a watch here:

After that, there really isn’t much more you can add. He hits the nail on the head almost perfectly.

Here’s the video he’s talking about in the above video:

The professional gaming industry and the gaming industry as a whole suffers every day from this kind of abuse, and while it might offer up the occasional laugh (and if I said I hadn’t had a chuckle at it, I’d be lying), but truth be told, while these keyboard warrior master trolls exist, they cast a stigma over the entire industry that does so much harm that it might stop the professional esports scene from ever really reaching its true potential.

It’s only be speaking out against it and taking a stand against it can we really make a difference.

Now, I’m not saying stop making gaming fun by trolling and joking – that’s absolutely unrealistic, and nobody wants that. I’m saying be careful what you choose to troll and joke about.


You never know who is sitting on the other end of the intertube.

I’d like to leave you with the following from my favourite spoken-word poet.

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