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Vinx Hangs Up Her Casting Shoes


Earlier this month, Vinx spoke to nAvTV directors to finalise her decision for her departure from the organisation.


Vinx began her commentating career with us since early 2015 and she has proven herself to be one of the most hard-working casters in the year that she has been with us. We could see that she gained a lot of experience as a caster and had potential to become better from day to day.

She was very accommodating and made time to cast leagues and tournaments and worked with other casters in the scene like HellbirD, Profeci, Rainz and Hari. A few months later, nAvTV introduced their casting academy and Vinx happily agreed to work with the new casters in the academy.

She also took part at DGC 2015 at rAge as a commentator and panelist for Dota 2. Generally, LAN events are a mess behind the scenes where one can never say that there’s never enough people to help, but Angela always tried her best to help where she can (when she isn’t on panel or casting). DGC 2015 was her first LAN event, and needless to say, we were really thankful to have her there! She was always a pleasure to work with and will certainly be missed.

For now, there are other directions in life for her to head to, but that won’t stop her from being a passionate gamer and eSports supporter of our community.

Read our Q&A article with her here:

In closing, the casters’ of nAvTV would like to show their appreciation and thank Angela for her great work. It was pure fun and joy to have her working with us. We wish you the best in the future.

We say goodbye with a heavy heart.



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